Long Term Relationships

Long Term Relationships

What we are really interested in is entering into a Long-Term Relationship Agreement with clients.

This agreement can take a number of forms, including :

  • An agreement to provide mentoring support in relation to specific areas of policy or more generally to support the charity in its development
  • An agreement to provide advice and input in relation to specific projects or initiatives (these may have arisen out of a previous piece of consultancy work done by HGO or its partners)

Normally in return for a small retainer sum and a commitment on behalf of the client to use HGO on preferential basis for agreed areas of consultancy advice HGO will agree to provide a range of advice and assistance:

View a sample Long Term Relationship Agreement

We would obviously suggest that you try us out first before considering this kind of arrangement.

Initially we are prepared to offer up to 10 hours consultancy support at HALF-PRICE as a taster e.g. you could ask us to draft or review a particularly urgent policy or provide in-depth advice on a current issue of concern. If you take us up on this offer then we will keep you informed as to the hours that you have already used and if you ask for further assistance as to whether this is likely to lead into chargeable time. This does not involve you making any long-term commitments. Organisations can only take up this offer once. If you are interested please contact us.

Interim Placements

A step further than this is to use HGO to provide an Interim as a Policy Manager, Strategy Officer, or This can be a cheaper and more effective way to fill these kinds of positions – see (Services). Prices for this arrangement will depend on the nature of the duties. For ideas of roles where this might be appropriate see some examples of Interim Duties.

Why Using Consultants Can be a Better Deal

Public Bodies and Larger Providers should consider using HGO for undertaking certain strategic and operational management roles as Interims. It could well work out cheaper. Using a consultant means that you will not be responsible for all the additional costs of employment including the cost of holidays, sickness etc. Consultants can be responsible for supplying their own equipment such as mobiles and computers. They are also focussed on the tasks in hand – employees inevitably spend time being supervised, attending training, and participating in general office activities that are not relevant for a consultant. See a worked example: Can using consultants be cheaper to illustrate this.


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