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Providing services for Public Bodies

HGO looks to help local authorities and public bodies come up with ideas as to how to make best use of scarce resources and find innovative ways to meet increasing needs.

HGO can provide one-off consultancy assistance or longer-term assistance

One–off Consultancy

HGO has experience and expertise in

Undertaking Needs Assessments

Undertaking Needs Assessments for Services.
Quantitative needs assessments for preventative services such as Housing Support are difficult to do with any robustness because the data to simply inform such a process simply does not usually exist. What is required is a sophisticated and sensitive combination of approaches including utilising demographic, prevalence and service data with facilitating “expert” consensus and targeted one-off sample studies. HGO has widespread experience of addressing these issues on a programme-wide basis, for particular needs groups (e.g Older People), or particular service interventions (e.g Home Improvement Agency Services)

Designing new assessment processes

Designing new assessment processes and associated forms and information flows
The key to targeting scarce resources most effectively and also collecting information that can inform the continuous development and refashioning of service delivery is to produce sound, streamlined assessment processes. The challenge is to do this in a joined-up way that takes the minimum time for those involved and also does not make the people being assessed to continuously repeat their story. HGO has experience of designing whole assessment systems e,g. in relation to social care

Setting budget priorities

Setting budget priorities in a rational and transparent way
The ever-increasing pressure on public sector resources means that local authorities and others have to find robust and transparent ways to set their priorities for commissioning external services. This needs to take into account the need for different types of intervention, the identified strategic priorities locally and nationally, the cost benefit delivered by the interventions, and the success-rate in achieving positive outcomes. HGO has experience of designing such a methodology that it is happy to share and apply.

Quality Assurance and Performance Management Systems

Designing Quality Assurance and Performance Management Systems in relation to grant programmes or commissioned services.
Ensuring value for money involves being assured that services are targetting the right people, being delivered in a quality way, have a genuine impact on the problems they are addressing and are delivered as cost-effectively as possible, as well as dovetailing with other regulatory and monitoring frameworks. This has to be done in a way that is not labour-intensive either for the provider or commissioner and uses wherever possible existing mechanisms rather than inventing something
new. HGO has experience of designing quality assurance systems including self-assessment tools, simple impact measurement and feedback questionnaires.

Other Services

Other services provided include:

  • Undertaking Strategic Reviews
  • Undertaking Business Process Reviews
  • Designing the Rationale and Criteria for New Service Programmes
  • Introducing more personalised services where the detail of the service received and the distribution of the available funds are controlled by the beneficiary or service user .
  • Undertaking Service Evaluations

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