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Mark Goldup, as Director of HGO Consultancy has many years of experience in the housing and support world. Initially employed by Stonham Housing Association, the largest provider of supported housing in the country for 10 years. He left to become a freelance consultant in 1997. He was very involved in the development of the floating support model and then subsequently in the preparation for the Supporting People regime.
He acted as lead officer or developed the SP Strategies for a number of Authorities as well as undertaking service and strategic reviews and producing Supported Housing Management Manuals for large housing support providers. With Nigel Rogers he developed the only nationally recognised needs assessment methodology for housing support services.

He also developed a widely used provider accreditation system and a methodology for assessing the split in funding in jointly funded care and support schemes. He managed internal services reviews for service providers and undertook budget reviews and contract negotiations for leading providers. He was involved early on in the development of detailed personalisation proposals in Oldham and Medway.

Recent developments in government welfare benefits policy have put the future of supported housing in doubt.

Recent Experience

Through Mark HGO has recent experience in :

  • Assisting with Exempt Accommodation Claims
  • Establishing the scope for Housing benefit funding to be used rationally and effectively
  • Undertaking service reviews in terms of future role and funding
  • Reviewing provision for women offenders
  • Reviewing information systems
  • Identifying different approaches to user outcomes
  • Successfully tendering for new housing support contracts
  • Helping providers prepare for Universal Credit

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