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Providing services for Charities and Voluntary Organisations

HGO looks to work with large and small charities and voluntary organisations on a one-off consultancy or long term relationship basis

One-off Consultancy

Examples of some of the services that HGO can provide charities and voluntary organisations

Undertaking research on specific policy areas

Smaller voluntary organisations often have the need to do a bit of investigative research on a range of policy areas, but have difficulty to find the time and resource to commit to this because of day to day responsibilities.
HGO can fulfil this function. This can include areas like personnel policies, service standards that have to be met, likely funding opportunities in the future, sources of training or different ways of structuring the organisation. Summary reports can be produced quickly and succinctly and tailored directly to the organisation concerned.

Tenders or Funding bids

Help with tenders or funding bids – either writing them or acting as a “critical friend”
Tender submissions or funding bids can be stressful for those involved. It can be a real challenge to communicate the unique strengths of your organisation that will make you stand out from the crowd. HGO has a proven track record of helping organisations be successful, either through drafting sections of the “bid” or providing informed comment and guidance on what they have produced.

Strategic Reviews

Undertaking strategic reviews – considerations of your options and changes that you might need to make
These are very challenging times for charities and voluntary organisations. Funding is under enormous pressure and yet at the same time new opportunities are appearing all the time. In order to succeed in implementing your vision you have to be flexible, be prepared to innovate and take risks. HGO can undertake a review of your current position – identify opportunities for development, partners who you should be working with, the infrastructure that you need to put in place etc.

Costing and Pricing your services

Help with costing and pricing your services – providing tools to enable you to model how much services do or should cost and decide on pricing policy or grant applications
One of the most difficult issues that service-providing charities face is how to cost and price its services to ensure that on the one hand they are competitive and yet at the same time are able to cover all their legitimate costs. HGO has a particular approach to breaking down how services are delivered and using this as basis for estimating likely costs and how potential economies can be identified. This can then lead on the development of an effective pricing policy (See Product Development).

Review and Evaluation

Internal service review and evaluation
Charities providing services need to undertake reviews of their operation and evaluation of their impact on a regular basis. This can help to identify how they can become more effective at meeting the needs they are supposed to meet and help the people most in need of this assistance. HGO has plenty of experience of undertaking such reviews in a cost-effective way.

Other Services

Policy and procedure writing
Policy and procedure writing – in relation to operational activity
Budget Review
Budget Review – to identify where efficiencies or savings can be made
Provision of independent third parties
Provision of independent third parties – to sit on panels for recruitment or disciplinary/grievance hearings
Business Process Reviews
Business process reviews – to ensure that your organisation is fit for purpose and able to comply with statutory expectations and regulations
HGO Consultancy for charities and voluntary organisations

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