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Supported Housing Consultancy Offer

Hopefully the campaign for preserving supported housing from the threats implied by the government’s welfare changes will continue to extract some concessions. In the meantime however it does make sense for all such providers to use any breathing space they are given by government concession to date to consider whether there are ways in which projects can adapt to survive within the new harsher world that is probably still coming. HGO believes that there are potentially ways of making provision more cost-efficient and would really like help providers explore these options. See the future of supported housing for details as…


Needs Model will help campaign for Supported Housing

The government announcement exempting supported housing projects in social housing from the 1% rent cut for a year could help provide some much-needed breathing space for all those committed to keeping the sector alive. A case needs to be built as to why this provision is too valuable to lose – part of this is around demonstrating the level of need and who would be affected by its demise. Finding a robust way to demonstrate this statistically is what HGO and Sitra have been working on (see here). More work is needed to make these conclusions even more robust (see…


Supported Housing – Limited Exemption from Benefit Cuts

The government has announced in parliament that they will provide supported housing projects in social housing properties with an exemption from the requirement to cut core rents by 1% from April for one year only. It is understood that for next year supported housing rents will be allowed to rise by the CPI rate plus 1%. They have also suggested that they are considering how to mitigate the effect of the requirement to restrict total charges to the level of the Local Housing Allowance for new lettings from April. No details have been provided. This may therefore give supported housing…


Guidance on working with CCGs published

Sitra in conjunction with the NHS Alliance has published guidance about how housing organisations can work more effectively with Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs). Government policy and guidance makes it clear that health bodies should be looking at new models of care that include a greater emphasis on prevention, working in close partnership with a range of providers, and recognising the social dimensions of health conditions. In terms of the public sector they are the really big players in terms of resources, and high profile in terms of social policy priorities, so cannot be ignored by any organisation concerned with supporting…


Integrated Care – the future

For many many years there has been a lot of emphasis on the importance of different health and welfare agencies working together. It is certainly now flavour of the month in the health and social care arena. It is all such common sense – how can it not be better both for the recipients of the services and for the holders of the public purse. It is all so obvious and simple so just do it! It may be obvious but if it was simple it would have been achieved a long time ago, and the acres of print devoted…

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