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HGO works with a number of other organisations to produce useful tools to help local authorities and voluntary organisations manage their business more effectively. Examples are provided here – follow the links to find out more.

Estimating the Need for Services among older people

HGO has worked with Interactive Toolkits to produce a fully-interactive toolkit that produces estimates for the need of range of housing interventions to help older people live independently in the community. This includes different types of housing and community services such as handyperson or telecare services. You can choose whether to take account of things like the ability to pay, the presence of informal support from carers or different scenarios in relation to population health. Put your local area in and it will apply sophisticated multipliers to national figures. You can also make hundreds of changes to the assumptions built in. All presented on a single page. Read more on the Older Persons Toolkit.

Preparing for the Introduction of Universal Credit

HGO has worked with Conict to produce a suite of tools to help providers prepare for the introduction of Universal Credit. This includes a spreadsheet based tool that helps identify how many hours clients are likely to need to work to meet their claimants commitment and how training and volunteering opportunities can satisfy this while also helping to meet their personal development needs. Alongside this comes guidance notes for discussing issues with your staff and a brochure for service users. Read more on the Universal Credit Tool

Supporting Small Care Providers

HGO has worked with You’re the Boss to provide a range of resources to help small providers and self-employed carers to provide care and support to customers with long-term health conditions or disabilities This includes tools to help market your services, enter into contracts, record your time and send invoices, budget and set your prices, and fund the training you need. You’re the Boss can also run payroll services and provide DBS checks. Read more on You’re the Boss.

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