Product Development

Product Development

HGO looks to go beyond delivering one-off consultancy to help the voluntary and statutory sector develop flexible management tools and processes that can be applied in a number of circumstances. We are very interested in finding more partners to work with to help ensure that these tools are as useful and robust as possible and can be used by a wide range of organisations. If these examples seem relevant to your organisation and you might want to be a part of their development then please get in touch.

Business Plan Modelling

Small and medium-sized charities that are looking to grow and develop need effective business planning as a foundation for their development strategy. HGO is developing a series of spreadsheets that together form a business planning suite. This is currently being done with one specific charity (Circles South East). We would welcome the opportunity to work with other charities working in a different sector to ensure that the approach is applicable across the piece.

The suite will enable organisations to identify:

  • the true cost of their various services and how they vary according to volume of activity
  • the scale of the different infrastructure costs required as the organisation develops or contracts
  • the staffing required at operational and management level
  • the timing of appointments required through accurate workflow modelling
  • the funding required and any gaps that could be met by grants or loans
  • the impact of different pricing policies
  • the organisational cashflow
All of this is done in such a way that organisations can vary their figures and estimates in order to see the impact on the bottom line and thereby model their options in turns of future development strategy.

See the video below that explains our approach and how far we have got.

Setting up a Supported Housing Project

There is a shortage of housing in this country amounting to a growing crisis and those who are vulnerable because of age, disability or social exclusion are at the raw end of that. Up and down the country we are aware of many groups who are trying to do something about this by setting up supported housing schemes for particular need groups. HGO has particular experience in this area This is becoming increasingly difficult because of the dismantling of the previous Government’s Supporting People regime, but here are still options. HGO is working with No Accommodation Network (NACCOM) to develop a modelling tool which enables organisations to model possible costs taking into account the following options:

  • Different rent regimes
  • Acting as landlord or landlord’s agent
  • Different levels of funding responsibilities
  • Using volunteers or not for some tasks
  • Providing additional support or not
  • Taking advantage of exempt accommodation rules (also produces exempt accommodation claim)


See the video below that explains our approach and how far we have got.

We have also produced the following guidance to accompany the modelling tool for NACCOM. Read the full text on the Modelling Tool for NACCOM or the NACCOM Model Summary.

We would welcome the opportunity to develop this further with other groups looking at different needs

Needs Assessment for Housing Support Services

HGO Consultancy Product Development
HGO is working with Sitra to build on its existing methodology for needs assessment. This involves determining how to identify the populations at risk of needing support and establishing what proportion of those populations will respond to different service interventions, how to account for people who do not present themselves for service and how to account for people appearing in overlapping at risk groups. It also involves taking a standard approach to identifying the existing supply of services to compare against the need level and how to use the needs figures to help set commissioning priorities.

HGO and Sitra are keen to hear from Authorities who would like to be part of this work.


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