HGO Portfolio

HGO Portfolio

HGO has over the years focused on some specific issues in relation to the delivery of care and support services by voluntary organisations and we share here some of the products of that work. This is both to act as a showcase as to what HGO is capable of delivering but also to provide you with extra resources that you can use for yourself as you see fit. If any of this makes you think that HGO can meet your needs for assistance then contact us.
HGO Consultancy Portfolio

Development Strategies for Voluntary Organisations

We provide here an example of a development strategy drawn up for a provider of services to children with disabilities and some guidelines on planning for growth

Costing and Pricing Services

We provide here an example of guidelines produced for a voluntary organisation

Service Review and Evaluation

We provide here an example of a review format drawn up for a review of sheltered housing

Policy and Procedure writing

We provide here a set of policy templates which shows our approach to providing organisations with the tools to draft their own policies.

Making Exempt Accommodation claims

We provide here an example of a report produced for a voluntary sector housing provider on how to make an exempt accommodation claim

Using Housing Benefit more effectively.

We provide here a Matrix produced for a provider of sheltered housing on what elements of a warden’s time can legitimately be funded out of the rent

Using Outcomes.

We provide here an excerpt form a recent report setting out the different ways that voluntary organisations can use User Outcomes

Defining the Scope of Funding Programmes.

We provide here a recently produced rationale for the development of a development of a new prevention programme as well as a definition for a refreshed housing support programme and a definition of vulnerability

Establishing the benefits of Funding Programmes.

We provide here a report produced for a local authority on how to demonstrate the Impact of its housing support programme

Setting budget priorities.

We provide here an outline of the workings of HGOs Indicative Budgets Tool For more information about the Tool itself contact us.

Assessing the contribution from different budgets.

We provide here details of the Eligibility Assessment Tool devised and used in a number of Authorities by HGO. It was designed to identify the split in funding responsibilities between support and care budgets in jointly funded schemes. We provide the notes, the collection form used, and the scoring system for the results

Introducing personalisation.

We provide here some examples as to how HGO has sought to introduce personal budgets into housing support including an approach to resource allocation, the options facing an Authority wanting to introduce individual budgets, and a definition of different support packages payable as IBs

Introducing new assessment processes.

We provide here an example of eligibility criteria using the model of Fairer Access to Care (FACS) model Text


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