Testimonials and Customer Comments

Mary Goodson, Housing Strategy Manager, Central Bedfordshire Council

“HGO Consultancy successfully tendered to produce a set of Needs Estimates for housing related support services in 2013. This work was completed successfully and has informed the development intended to shape the provision of supported housing, and floating support services, in Central Bedfordshire.

The work was completed conscientiously, in good time and Central Bedfordshire Council was provided with a very detailed and helpful ‘statistical appendix’ so that we have access to all the background data and reasoning upon which the needs estimates are based.”

Liz Brown, Chief Executive, Circles UK

“Mark was an integral member of the highly successful Circles bid design team that won a £2m Big Lottery Fund award. He developed a resource planning tool which enabled us to draw together a diverse consortium membership with very different needs to produce a coherent financial framework in support of our collaboration.”

Ian Caren, Chief Executive, Launchpad

“Mark Goldup from HGO has been a tremendous asset to Launchpad and successfully led Launchpad`s bid for a new Floating Support contract. He is open, approachable, hard working and a real asset, I would recommend him.”

HGO Consultancy Testimonials from Clients

Rebekah Saunders, Chief Executive, Circles South East

“Circles South East is a Public Protection charity that has been undergoing significant growth and development over the last two years.As part of this process we ommissioned HGO Consultancy to develop a new Financial Strategy and framework to assist the charity to move to a more sustainable and stable position. As part of this work HGO developed a new modelling and costing toolkit equipping the charity to operate within a changing competitive commissioning environment. HGO provided the expertise and guidance the charity required at a crucial stage of development. They were responsive to the needs of the charity and worked closely with the enior Management Team to ensure the work undertaken remained focused on the requirements of the charity.Circles South East would highly recommend their services to charities and organisations within the voluntary and community sector that are in a process of transition.”

Lynne Lidster, Head of Joint Commissioning, Bracknell Forest Borough Council

“We employed HGO to develop a quality assurance framework for social care and allied services. They successfully delivered a flexible and robust set of proposals hich we have subsequently begun to implement. As lead consultant Mark Goldup proved very good at listening to the variety of views provided and was able to mesh them together into a set of tools that were innovative and yet clear and easy to use.”


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