Pricing Policy

HGO Pricing Policy

HGO aims to be transparent and fair in the pricing of its work.

We may be cheaper than some consultancies in the market. This is not indicative of lower quality however. We believe our rates represent a fair payment for our expertise, while also acknowledging the extreme pressure on budgets in the public sector at the current time. Our standard day rate is £375 for a 7.5 hour day. Under certain circumstances we can consider lower rates.

For one-off consultancy HGO offers 2 types of contract. A fixed price contract is initially based on an estimation of the number of days it will take to undertake an agreed piece of work. Once set however that is the price that is payable for producing the agreed outputs. The alternative is payment of a day rate or hourly rate rather than a fixed sum. Under this arrangement a client pays for the work completed up to a previously agreed ceiling.

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