Associates and Partners

HGO works with Associates and Partners to deliver its services. Current Associates include:

Mary Harris
Mary Harris who has many years experience working with housing associations, parish councils and small voluntary organisations. Mary is a skilled trainer and can also assist with grant applications, guidance on managing meetings and organisations.
Phil Saunders
Phil Saunders who has many years experience working in the housing and support field. Phil is a skilled consultant and presenter who undertakes strategic reviews and is an expert in cost-benefit analysis.
Jan Digby
Jan Digby whose experience spans IT systems development, training and employability advice. She has experience in industry and education, as well as experience of a range of roles across a number of charities and not-for profit organisations


Partner Organisations

HGO works with a range of partner organisations including:

Circles South East
Circles South East who provide training and consultancy services around the management of high-risk offenders and supporting all those who are victims of crime
North Harbour Consulting
North Harbour Consulting who undertake public sector research, service audits, strategic reviews and confidential investigations.
You’re the Boss
You’re the Boss who provide advice and support services to self-employed carers and small care agencies.
The Capability Company
The Capability Company who provide services in relation to developing voluntary organisations through training, facilitation, business planning and team building
Amber Green Consulting
Amber Green Consulting who produce bespoke IT solutions for housing and support organisations
Interactive Toolkits
Interactive Toolkits who provide innovative toolkits helping organisations model the need for a range of housing and support services
Sitra who provide training and consultancy services to the housing, support and care sector)

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