Our Vision

The HGO Vision

HGO believes that everyone has the potential for a happy and fulfilling life. In order to realise that potential we all need a number of key elements to fall in to place – a home we can call our own, a social network that supports us when needed, sufficient income live on, the opportunity to develop our own personal capabilities, and easy access to relevant knowledge and information when required.

For many people in the community as a result of their vulnerability and/or experiences one or more of these elements may be missing and as a result individuals, families and the wider community may suffer a number of negative consequences.

A large number of impressive and dedicated organisations exist in the community to help people restore their well-being and develop their potential. HGO works to support them in this. Organisations we have worked with recently include Launchpad, Circles UK and NACCOM .

HGO has a vision of what is required to establish a system that will work for the vulnerable and disadvantaged, and provides services intended to translate this vision into reality.

What is required is informed and effective commissioning by public bodies, based on a clear assessment of need, evidence about what works, a transparent mechanism for setting priorities, and appropriate ways of ensuring quality, value for money and targeting of services. All service interventions need to put the customer in control of what is delivered, but in order to exercise that control successfully people need access to sources of information and advice and active brokerage to help them take advantage of this. This should all be against the background of a strong community involvement, effectively combining voluntary commitment and informal networks with professional expertise. None of this however will be effective without a developed market of service providers, properly funded, working to a clear strategic purpose, and with robust and accountable systems of governance and operation. Such providers will increasingly need to work in partnership and be underpinned by a commitment to continuous innovation and targeted research.


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