Our Commitment

Our Commitment to you

Consultancy does have somewhat of a bad name. Many organisations feel that faced with significant challenges and a shortage of time that they need external expertise to help them out – they therefore turn to consultants to rescue them.

The problem is that not only can consultancy be significantly expensive but frequently it can either lead to more questions than answers being provided and/or produce reports that sit on the shelf and contain ideas that are never implemented. This is frustrating for all involved.

HGO believes that consultancy has a real contribution to make in a number of circumstances but needs to be done differently

HGO’s Commitment to Clients

  • We will look to charge a fair price taking account of an organisation’s ability to pay (see our Pricing Policy) and will always be transparent in our basis for costing and charging for services.
  • We will only take on work where we believe we can make a contribution. If we do not think we have the expertise we will tell you and where possible refer you elsewhere
  • We will undertake research on you, your organisation and what you are trying to do before making a proposal, in order to make our proposal relevant.
  • We will expect to carry out the work alongside you rather than in isolation. This makes it more likely that we understand the real nature of the problem we are addressing and produce realistic proposals.
  • We will always look to build into our plan time for implementing whatever we end up suggesting, and will look to discuss this with you at the beginning.
  • We look to enter into longer-term relationships with clients so that we can provide advice, assistance and mentoring assistance from a proper foundation of understanding what you are trying to achieve and the particular challenges you face.

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